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What is the APSE Mission Vision & Values?

APSE is proud to be the national voice of the Employment First movement. It’s an honor and responsibility that we take very seriously. Our national office, state chapters, and board membership have achieved remarkable accomplishments. Determined to keep the momentum moving forward, the APSE board of directors considered our complex world and sought to answer: What is the right role for APSE in building the world we want to see?

With a focus on shared values and confirming APSE’s commitment to the view that everyone can and should work, the board of directors examined the many ways that APSE can support policymakers, funders, businesses, families, service providers, and people with disabilities in advancing Employment First, the core of our common bond.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values are a clear reflection of APSE.


  • All people with disabilities have competitive employment in an inclusive workforce.


  • To advance employment equity for people with disabilities.


  • We believe that everyone can and should work, and have the dignity of determining their career path.

APSE strives to bring Employment First to new places and people. Specifically, APSE will:

  • Build Employment First capacity,
  • Lead in Employment First policy,
  • Ensure each state has a strong chapter,
  • Invest in infrastructure, and
  • Work to build reciprocal business relationships.

Informed by our members and partners, and of course, through the active engagement of our chapters, this plan reflects our collective wisdom in outlining a strategy to maximize APSE’s impact.